Safety is a value that is fundamental to Goebel’s work philosophy. Nothing is more important than the health and welfare of our people. Although, safety is everyone’s concern, Goebel’s management accepts the responsibility to provide a safe work environment to all of its employees. Our company programs are structured to meet or exceed industry standards for health, safety and the environment. We believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and that philosophy is embedded into our culture. Goebel nurtures an Injury and Illness Free environment (IIF) where everyone truly believes that zero incidents is attainable. All of our employees have “Stop Work Authority” and are expected to use it if conditions are not safe. We believe in the sayings, “do it safely or not at all” and “there is always time to do it right”.

Safety is a continuous journey in where we utilize and share tools and programs that assist us in achieving our goals. We implement a no tolerance Drug and Alcohol Program, a management system called LOSS Prevention System (LPS) to assist with audits, a reporting system (Losses/ Near Losses) and hazard recognition documentation, a client specific short service employee mentoring program (SSE) to teach new hires, and/or employees who have changed crafts or positions, company philosophy and client expectations. Goebel is a proud member of the National Safety Council and various outside audit Companies i.e. Pacific Industrial Contractors Screening (PICS), ISNetworld, and National Compliance Management Services (NCMS). Most of our employees have gone through the Transportation Workers Identification Credential Process (TWIC) which enables them unescorted access to MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels.

Through innovative training and education programs, we provide our employees, and sub-contractors the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to increase safety and reduce risk. As regulations and procedures change, so does our training. It is a continuous effort that takes everyone’s support and dedication to be successful. Our dedication to safety has helped keep our workers safe, production up, and costs down. It also has resulted in Goebel being awarded the Chevron, Richmond Refinery “Contractor of the Year” award, nine out of the last ten years (including 8 years in a row). We are proud of our accomplishments in safety and continually strive to improve on our successes.